OBOR Disposable Medical Mask (3-Ply With Earloop) 50Sx10 GroupBuy

Disposable Face Mask - 3 ply mask with earloop, comes in 50 pieces (1 set = 5 ziplock bags of 10 pieces). *Note that this batch does not come with a box. Total 500 pieces of OBOR white-color mask.
Manufacturer: OBOR
Old price: $350.00

Direction of Use:
1. With the white side facing face, pull up the nose strip above the nose.
2. Place both ear loops behind the ears. If necessary, cross ear loops to adjust the tightness.
3. Pull down the bottom side of the mask under the chin, fully covering the mouth and nose.
4. Shape the nose strip by pressing down on each side to prevent contaminated air from entering.

Dimensions: 175mm (L) x 95mm (W)
Expiry: 14 Jan 2023

Manufactured for Hi-Beau Group Pte Ltd. Manufactured in China.

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