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VitaRealm PowerBone Kids

Building a strong bone structure is important during childhood as it helps to store up to 99% of the calcium in the body, which is essential for growth and development. VitaRealm® PowerBone Kids is developed to meet the nutritional needs of your child for stronger bone density and muscle development. It provides a good source of calcium for children with lactose intolerance. Take PowerBone Kids today for stronger bones and teeth! EXP DATE: NOV-2023 -Promotes strong bones & teeth -Supports overall growth & development  -Helps improve bone density
Manufacturer: VitaRealm

Direction of Use: For children under 4 years old, take 2 chewable burstlets daily after meal. For children 4 years old and above, take 3 chewable burstlets daily after meal. 

GMP Certified Product

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