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Protect Your Kids From Viruses!

Children tend to breathe in more air than adults, increasing their risk of catching airborne viruses. During this crucial period, the best form of protection is having a strong immune system!

Apart from Vitamin C, other key immune system supporters include Vitamins A, B, D, E and H as well as Probiotics.

Vitamins can help to strengthen the immune system by supporting healthy cell growth and guarding against free radical damage while probiotics help to decrease the number of bad bacteria in the gut that can cause infections or inflammation.

Essential vitamins and probiotics are usually obtained from citrus fruit, meat, whole grains, green leafy vegetables, nuts and yogurt. However, if your children happen to be picky eaters or have difficulty consuming the above, an alternative approach might be in order.

For Mike, the founder of US Clinicals®, mealtimes with two picky young children used to be a messy and exasperating affair. Worried about their health and development, Mike turned to supplements for additional support. However, he was unable to find a holistic formula supporting children’s immune and digestive system at the same time.

Delving into his 16-year-background in nutritional science, Mike developed StrongImmune Kids™ - a tropical-flavoured chewable tablet consisting of Vitamin C, 16 other vitamins and minerals, and 3 billion live Probiotic cells to further aid digestion and absorption!

Free from artificial colouring and added preservatives, StrongImmune Kids™ offered a tasty, nutritious and convenient solution for other struggling parents with picky children.

To provide a targeted boost to his children’s immune and digestive systems, Mike also formulated StrongBiotics Kids™ - a flavourless powder containing both Prebiotics (‘food’ for probiotics that encourages natural Probiotics growth) and Probiotics. 5 billion Probiotics from 5 different strains have been specially selected for their ability to survive through stomach acid and bile, ensuring they are fully absorbed and utilised by the body..

StrongBiotics Kids™ comes in individual sachets that can be quickly mixed into food and beverages or consumed directly for convenience.

During times like these, prevention is better than cure. Let’s help our kids stay STRONG against the virus together!

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