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VitaRealm PowerMan 60S

VitaRealm® PowerMan is an advanced men's formula to heighten both physical performance and psychological desire naturally. Made from 100% natural, high potency plant essence, the product is enhanced with patented AES® absorption system for faster, better results. EXPIRY: AUG 2024 -GMP Certified -Male Performance Formula -Help Boost Libido in the Short Run & Overall Health in the Long Run -Supports kidney health -Increases vitality & stamina -Relieves prolonged fatigue
Manufacturer: VitaRealm
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About Product

Vitarealm PowerMan is a breakthrough Men’s formula supplement to help revitalize men’s stamina and performance. Made with 7 powerful ingredients, Maca Root, Horny Goat Weed, Ginseng Root, L-Arginine, Rhodiola Root, Green Tea Leaf, Theobromine, and Tong Kat Ali.

These ingredients are well known for the performance boost in men’s health.

A product made in USA.


Why do these problems happen?

1. Age plays a factor where the men’s testosterone decreases which can affect the ability to gain or hold an erection.

2. Having a poor diet such as excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to low or poor sexual performance.

3. Smoking causes men to have 2 times the risks of erectile issues compared to non-smoking men.

4. Stress and anxiety are key factors to affect the overall well-being of men. Long-term sadness, worrying, and fear would cause decreased performance.


Why use VitaRealm PowerMan?

Men need the right maintenance and replenishment to be at the top form!

VitaRealm PoweMan is a supplement with no known side effects that have been observed which makes it safe for consumption.

Vitarealm PowerMan helps to condition and rejuvenate the body to become healthier. Through this process, it helps to support male performance to sustain males’ fertility, libido, energy, and desire naturally.

It is a health supplement that is less about creating immediate effects but more about maintenance of the body to boost performance without side effects over time.



It is advised to consult your doctors before taking Vitarealm PowerMan if you are taking any ongoing medication.


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