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VitaRealm JustUme Fiber Plum

VitaRealm JustUme Fiber Plum contains the Japanese Umeboshi Plums, 2 Probiotic strains and a special blend of herbs to help cleanse our digestive tract. It helps to reduce problems that are commonly associated with acidic pH levels, such as constipation, excessive bloating and gas, skin problems, weight gain and lethargy. VitaRealm JustUme Fiber Plum helps to restore the body's pH balance for overall well-being and detoxification. EXPIRY: JUN 2023 -Restores the body's pH balance -Cleanses the digestive tract safely and naturally -Promotes bowel motion -Reduces bloating, gas and flatulence -Improves bad breath and body odour -Promotes weight loss -Improves complexion with long term consumption
Manufacturer: VitaRealm
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