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When to start taking supplements

Health supplements help fill the missing nutrients in our bodies to keep us strong and healthy. You need to plan when to start taking supplements depending on your daily routine.  In short, start taking supplements as young and as healthy if possible.


How do I know if I need supplements?

Everyone needs some sort of supplement to replenish things that they are missing in their diet or some bad habits that cause the body to deteriorate. Hence, supplements are essential regardless as it provides protective and preventive measures to our bodies.


Type of supplement for different people

Vitamins – Everybody needs vitamins as it performs more than hundreds of roles in our body. (Suitable for Kids)

Dietary / Slimming – For people who have a hard time cutting weight even through strict diets. On a side note, it is important to only consume those which are approved under health guidelines.

Heart supplements – Usually for users who have poor heart health or tight and stressful lifestyles.

Brain supplements – Suitable for everyone, brain supplement helps to boost memory and prevents brain-related dysfunction. (Suitable for kids as there are versions for catered for children)

Liver Supplements – Helps protect the liver, good for users who frequently drink alcohol.

Joint Supplements – Catered for sportspeople and age group of 30 years old & above as joints health deteriorates.

Male Supplements – Protects against erectile dysfunction, revitalize the body and protect the prostate of men.

Female Supplements – Prevents irregular discharge, adjust healthy menstrual cycle and reduce menopause symptoms.

Kids Supplements – Support kids' growth such as brain, immune, bones, and eyes development.

Probiotics – Can be taken daily to attain better immune, gut, weight loss, and overall body health.

Beauty Supplements – Mostly taken to enhance skin, nails, hair, and outlook of the body.


Effects of supplements taken at different age

Age 3 to 12 – Kids need essential nutrients for better growth development and supplements are important for them. Children who took supplements show better development results and stronger immune systems.

Age 13 to 20 – Our body goes through puberty and this will be the most active cycle of our lives. Taking supplements can ensure that the body is well protected.

Age 20 to 35 – As young adults enjoy endless nightlife and work will be giving lots of stress. Supplements help prevent the body from deteriorating rapidly from these activities.

Age 36 to 50 – Taking supplements becomes a need as our bodies no longer regenerate at the same speed as before. Supplements help to support and maintain our regenerative system.

Age 50 to Senior age – Supplements are needed in daily diet to reduce risks and pains caused by aging. Health issue such as joint pain requires support from a joint supplement to ease discomfort.  


Ultimately, taking supplements is to help attain better health and performance in the long run. Therefore, start your health supplement journey with us, at we provide health supplements in Singapore suitable for all kinds of ages. Health is your best wealth which no money can buy!

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