VitaRealm Extra Strength Fat Burner

VitaRealm® Extra Strength FatBurner is a holistic formula made from 100% stimulant free ingredients yet high in thermogenic properties which makes it ideal for people who are exposed to fat-rich diets. The synergistic combination between antioxidant rich Green Tea Extract and Curcuma speeds up fat oxidation and thermogenesis (a metabolic process where the body burn calories to generate heat). Water Soluble Fiber is also added to help increase satiety (the feeling of fullness), reduce the absorption of calories from food and prevent over eating. What's best is, the product helps you to achieve your ideal body shape without any instances of weight rebound! VitaRealm® Extra Strength FatBurner, the perfect formula for a toned and shapely figure.
Manufacturer: VitaRealm

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